FAQ - Companies


Why should I post my job vacancies on FashionJobs.com?

FashionJobs.com is a recruiting website reserved for professionals in the fashion, luxury and beauty industries. On the website you will find the biggest professional database for these sectors.

Job vacancies are posted online as soon as they have been created. They are also posted on specialized websites and at professional trade shows.


Do I have to put a phone number in the offer?

If you like, although it is not recommended as you will be contacted by a large number of applicants.

Is it normal that my email address doesn’t appear in the offer?

Email addresses are hidden to avoid viruses and SPAM. It also helps us and you to keep track of all applications.

For how long does a job vacancy stay online?

A job vacancy stays online for one month. If the position is still vacant at the end of this time, the job vacancy can be put online for another month.